Amalia Ramirez, Yorgos Kertsopoulos, Smaro Gregoriadou

Amalia Ramirez, Yorgos Kertsopoulos, Smaro Gregoriadou
"forms & strings", Museum Benaki, Athens 7 Feb. 2009



Amalia and Yorgos

Amalia and Yorgos
At the temple of Dimitra-Eleusis

Amalia, Smaro and Yorgos

Amalia, Smaro and Yorgos
Before the event

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Yorgos Kertsopoulos performs using his innovation guitar support -amplifier version: "Superior" and two passive guitar's acoustical Timbre-Tone Equalizing Amplifiers "small" version, all attached on the double course guitar amplifying and equalizing the sound. Measurements have been taken and graphs are presented of SPL (db-dbA) meter, first measuring the room's threshold environment with no sound whatsoever (ambient sound) at 33db. Then, measurement of the guitar's sound one meter away from the SPL meter, without the amplifiers-equalizers giving an average reading of 70 dbA and measurement of the guitar's sound one meter away from the SPL meter, with the amplifiers-equalizers giving an average reading of 80 dbA. This 10 dbA average difference in the readings is perceived by the human perception as doubling of the volume (loudness). In SPL (Sound Pressure Level) criteria this difference of 10 dbA, between 70 dbA and 80 dbA is an increase of ten times more when the reading is 80 dbA in contrast to the 70 dbA. The innovation support-amplifier and equalizers are strictly pathetic acoustical members enhancing in an acoustical manner the sound of the guitar. They are not connected in any way to electrically or electronically working devices of any sort. As musical instruments, intonation is achieved to them, at all acoustical frequencies, they become an extension of the acoustical chamber-body resonator of the instrument itself upgrading the sound of any classical-flamenco or steel string acoustic guitar. An excerpt from his composition "magnapeiron" is performed in room conditions by Yorgos Kertsopoulos.The video of playing is taken by Apostolakis Konstantinos in room conditions at a distance of 1.7 m from the source and the recording has been left as recorded, no effect or mastering has been done on the sound. It is given here as recorded from the ZOOM Q8, as raw wave sound at 44.1 Khz.,,,,

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Amalia Ramirez is in Athens…

The daughter of Jose Ramirez III, today the director of the homonym leading constructional guitar house, Amalia Ramirez, is today present in Athens…(D.S. “Eleftheros Typos” 7-Feb-2009–leading Greek newspaper on the event-day).

It was a great honor for all of us to present an “Honorary tribute to Amalia Ramirez and the Tradition of her Family”.

Today, the 1st of Feb. 2010, we refresh in our memories the beautiful presence of Amalia and Cristina in the Benaki concert hall, which was full of aficionados and experts of the music world, who came to give to them all their love, appreciating deeply their superior work and their unique tradition. It was a historical night, filled with strong emotions and the aftereffects were also extremely moving, because so many people would like to see Amalia and Cristina come again.

Behind the lights and the typical event details, was the deep friendship, the lovable characters and the respect and love we all felt for the daughter and the granddaughter of the greatest galaxies on the scene of guitar construction: Jose Ramirez III, who will always be with us, with his lovable, kind and affectionate personality. When I presented the “mathematic model of the guitar”, on the 7th Feb. 1983, in Musik Messe, Frankfurt, at the press conference, he was there, with his beloved wife Mrs. Ramirez and recognized it as the “model, which is the basis for making the ideal guitar” the “model, which belongs to the tradition”. He was the only active luthier in the world, who used the model and knew it and he will always remain for all of us, the inspirational great Maestro of guitar construction. We all thank you Amalia and Cristina from our hearts, for honoring us with your presence and we wish you and all your family and staff happiness and to keep us always inspired with your wonderful, superior and fascinating instruments.

Yorgos Kertsopoulos

The greeting speech of Mrs.Amalia Ramirez at “forms & strings” – 7 Feb. 2009

Good evening.

My niece Cristina and I, came to represent and honor the memory of my father Jose Ramirez III, where 26 years have passed from his acquaintance with mr. Kertsopoulos at the exhibition of Frankfurt, where he presented the “mathematical model of the guitar”.

At that time I did not work in the family enterprise. Few years’ back, I had left the workshop and for roughly five years, I had not returned. However, I remember my father, who spoke to me with a lot of respect and admiration for the work of mr. Kertsopoulos, for his scientific prestige and seriousness and for his lovable, warm and hospitable character.

Now, I have the opportunity to experience personally these charismas that my father so much appreciated in mr. Kertsopoulos and his work. And it is for my niece and myself a pleasure and an honor to have been invited to participate in this event, which has a particular recognition and place in the world of the guitar.

We thank you for inviting us, as representatives of the Ramirez House, to participate in this event, to support and express our admiration towards the work of this outstanding guitar luthier, whose ability of his hands, is expressed through the perfection of his art on the instruments he constructs.

Thank you.

For a video of Mrs. Ramirez's speech please see below on this blog

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Amalia Ramirez interviewed after the event by Dionysia Blazaki

After the event Amalia Ramirez was interviewed by Dionysia Blazaki and commented on “Kertsopoulos Aesthetics”, Y.Kertsopoulos and the interpretational capabilities of the instruments heard and also the interpretation of Smaro Gregoriadou, “reinventing guitar"!

Below is the full text of the interview:

Dionysia Blazaki: Mrs. Ramirez, today you had a live experience of this particular proposition named: “Kertsopoulos Aesthetics”. What is the opinion you concluded for the musical result and how would you comment on the interpretational involvement, which Smaro Gregoriadou gives through these “aesthetics”?

Amalia Ramirez: I am very surprised, dazzled, because what I managed to observe is that every instrument has a very different personality.
It is as though every instrument constitutes a different path of expression.
They are very different from the usual guitars of the rest of the world.
Maybe there is one guitar, the first played by Smaro, which resembles the usual known guitar.
These guitars possess antique sounds, sounds with an ancient charm.
I believe Smaro is very talented and plays with a lot of sentiment. She is clear, Clear…

D. Blazaki: Thank you…would you like to say something else?

A. Ramirez: I would continue to comment…Yes; I would like to say some things more.
I think that Yorgos is a genius. All these are a miracle. He is a revolutionist; he is extremely original, extremely authentic. I was thinking as I was listening, something my father used to say when he met something exceptional.
He was saying: “when you see someone in a parade to march with a different step, this happens because he hears other drums playing”…drums…other drums.
He is not part of the mass.

D.Blazaki: Thank you so much.

All of us thank you from heart Amalia, for giving us the honor and the happiness to present an “honorary tribute to you and the tradition of your family” with you and Cristina being with us and I also thank you from heart, for your kind and very important comments, concerning my work.


For a video of the interview please see below on this blog.

Smaro Gregoriadou

Smaro Gregoriadou